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Market Monday's: The Farm Experience Series - A Window into the Farm Experience Economy

Updated: May 14, 2019


Journey with us over the next few weeks as we highlight farms across the U.S. on their farm experiences. We’ll get a peek into their Experience operations and learn the best advice they have for farm and ranch operators that are interested in developing experiences of their own. In our last Market Monday's blog, we discussed the experience economy and why the growth of the market for experiences is a great opportunity for farms to capitalize on now. Data on travel experiences continues to support the building momentum. Online accommodation and travel experience leader, Airbnb, released a list of experience trends for 2019.[1] Four out of the six trends they named were related to food, agriculture, and the outdoors. The trends are based on booking data of over 30,000 travel experiences listed on their site. The farms we’ve interviewed are in different parts of the U.S. that grow and raise a diverse set of crops and livestock. They host a wide array of experiences from bike in movies and art galleries, to brunches and day camps. In each feature you’ll find out about the experiences each farm offers and how they got started. The farmers shared what was most challenging and unexpected as they developed and operate their farm experiences. We’ll highlight one farm a week starting next Monday. So, join us over the next few weeks. Come to learn about how other farms are building on the farm experience economy and leave inspired to create or revamp your own experiences.

[1] https://press.airbnb.com/from-horse-yoga-to-carb-loading-airbnb-unveils-hot-new-trends-for-2019/


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